• Uiiac

    Clearly, nuclear power plants need uranium. Our aim is to comprehensively illustrate the opportunities and risks posed by nuclear energy, whilst paying particular attention to uranium mining. Australia has the world’s largest deposits of this resource.
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  • Auf Augenhöhe

    This documentary (11 min) shows five indigenous anti-uranium activists from Niger, Namibia and the USA sharing their stories and experience on uranium mining. Their message: "Leave uranium in the ground!"
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  • Tonnen Taucher

    An international filmproject, that shows alternatives to our "throw-away society". More >>

Look behind the scenes of our new documentary film project “Dumpster Divers” by reading our Dumpster Divers Blog.

Dive into… German fairytales

For all friends of German myths (and language) an outtake from the editing room. Woodman Carsten Stohrbeck tells us all about the devil and the princess at devil’s lake near Berlin,

Finest Animation for our film

After many days of preparation and a long nights animation session, animators Konopka and Bierschenk finished the animation for our film with the aid of many helping hands.
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Sie sind überwiegend jung, gut gebildet und sprudeln gerade so vor Elan wenn es um das Thema „Müllvermeidung“ geht. Ein ganzes Wochenende lang kamen die ehrenamtlichen Kämpferinnen für eine müllfreie Gesellschaft von „Cradle to Cradle – Wiege zur Wiege e.V.“ im Juni 2013 in zusammen. Beim ersten bundesweiten Seminar des gemeinnützigen Vereins waren wir für unseren Dokumentarfilm „Tonnentaucher“ mit der Kamera dabei. Jacqueline Oeschger von der Leuphana Universität Lüneburg war als Teilnehmerin anwesend. In ihrem Gastbeitrag erklärt die Studentin, wie Cradle to Cradle unser Leben müllfrei machen will. Mehr >>

Australian Aborigines need German “Energiewende”

The indigenous Mirarr community has struggled with the world’s second largest uranium mine for 30 years. Now the Mirarr need our support. Listen to Justin O’Brien who lives in close proximity to the Ranger uranium mine in Northern Australia.

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We make films – You screen ‘em

“At Eye Level” and “Uranium – Is It a Country?” are the perfect tools to help you work against nuclear power and for renewable energies. The films are suitable for schools and universities, “going green” parties, conferences, seminars, demonstrations and rallies. More >>

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