About us

Strahlendes Klima e.V. produces films and media projects focusing on the issues of energy and resources for an environmentally friendly, climate conscious world.
Our productions should inspire activism at every level. We aim to reach the widest possible range of groups who will help spread the word, distributing our films and publications on their own.
We aim to raise awareness with our presentations, workshops, and educational media, and to inform other groups and organizations working for environmental conservation about the possibilities of digital media.

Our organization currently has 10 members from across the country. We welcome anyone interested in working with us on our projects.
Our headquarters are in Berlin. We are recognized as a non-profit organization by the Berlin Tax and Revenue Office.

Support comes from donations, grants, endowments, and in part from public funds. Our sponsors must meet strict criteria, ensuring we are in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for Financial Partnerships of the BUNDjugend.

A Short History of Strahlendes Klima e.V.:
In 2007, a group of young people came together to form the initiative Strahlendes Klima (“Nuking the Climate”), producing films, publications, and presentations to raise awareness of the risks of uranium mining.

In 2008, we released our first film “Uranium, Is It A Country?: A Search for the Origins of Nuclear Energy”, non-commercially, at our own expense. Already hundreds of locally active and globally conscious groups have shown and distributed the DVDs.

In 2010, we produced the short film “At Eye Level” at the IPPNW’s international conference on uranium. In the same year, we finally dared to take the steps necessary to become a registered association.

In 2011, Strahlendes Klima e.V. was recognized as a non-profit organization by the Berlin Tax and Revenue Office. Shortly afterward, the German and international versions of our film were released for the first time on a single DVD.

Under the slogan “We make films, you show them” we encourage people worldwide to join the anti-nuclear movement by organizing events and film showings.
We are currently in the planning stages of “Dumpster Divers”, a new project on the topic of waste and recycling.

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