Ordering the DVD

Our DVD of “Uranium – is it a country?” (OV German/ English, 53 Min.) includes the bonus film “At Eyelevel” (11 Min.). The DVD includes subtitles in German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English. For a Chinese version please get in touch with us directly: info{at}strahlendesklima.de

How much is it?
You can order the DVD for free. For shipping outside EU we kindly ask you to pay for shipping. Your contribution helps to support our independent environmental filmwork.

How do I pay?
Please choose one of the following payment options
1. Pay Pal (credit card or debit)
2. Alternatively you can order directly with us using a normal bank transaction (within the EU via IBAN and BIC). If you go for this option, you receive an E-Mail from us, providing you with our bank details.

When do I get my order?
As soon as we receive your payment in our bank account, we send out the DVD(s) to the address you indicated.

Option 1: Payment via PayPal (credit card)

Shipping costs
Choose your DVD language version

Option 2: Payment via bank transfer

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