Our Motivation

What is the film about?
Are nuclear power plants or as the nuclear industry would call them, the “unloved climate protectors” the most seminal and climate friendly of all the available possibilities?

Must Germany dare to leave nuclear power behind?
Is it necessary for Germany’s 17 power plants to run for longer if we are to realise our CO₂ reduction goals?
Does France have it right with just under 80% nuclear energy in their total national energy balance?

The film project “Nuking the Climate” takes a look behind the scenes of these complex topics. Although we don’t have ready answers for everything we want to ask questions which are largely ignored by the European media.

What uses and risks does nuclear energy have for us in Europe and for those who live in regions where steps in the production of nuclear chain take place?

What connects people in Germany with people in Australia, Niger, Kazakhstan or Canada? All of these countries export uranium.

The opportunities and risks related to nuclear power cannot only be evaluated on the basis of national CO2 balances. If we want to develop an educated opinion about nuclear power we must consider all of the processes which are involved in producing nuclear power.

Our film based on the example of uranium mining in Australia illustrates the global context of nuclear energy. Australia has the world’s largest uranium deposits. At the same time the red continent is the dream holiday destination for many young people. Yet the backpackers, who are there in droves, know very little about uranium mining.

We not only want the film to be an impetus for developing an opinion about the global consequences of nuclear power but also want to offer a platform so that young people can have informed discussions about the subject.

Nuking the climate Wordwolke


How are we producing the film?

The film is largely being produced without external help. The project team is working independently on all aspects of the film from the screen play, to research, to filming and post production.
The participants have all of the necessary competencies to produce the film. Some of the project participants are young film makers with a media-technical background. Others have content know-how from courses of study in subject areas such as, energy and environmental management or international environmental politics. Participants from the fields of arts and culture are working on the artistic composition of the project. Participants who are native speakers of English and French will translate the Film into the relevant language.
We will be filming in Europe between September 2007 and January 2008, in particular in France and Germany. Following this a small team will travel to Australia, filming will take place at location where uranium is mined between February and April.

Post production and completion of the film will take place in Germany. We plan to do this between May and June 2008 so that the film can finally go on tour as of August 2008.

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